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Successful companies aggressively enforce and defend their intellectual property (IP) rights in the global marketplace. Masters IP in Portland, Oregon, skillfully and passionately defends the IP rights of clients nationwide. Our law firm understands the value of intellectual property and provides knowledgeable advice on complex issues affecting your company. Our firm helps individuals and businesses protect their creative ideas and brands so that they can continue to innovate and move forward. Whether you need to protect a copyright, trademark or some other form of IP or you have been falsely accused of using someone else’s work product, our law firm provides strategic options to stand up for your interests.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is the foundation of many of today’s businesses. The ideas and innovations your businesses possesses are valuable, and the law provides certain protections for them if you take the proper steps. Our law firm asserts and defends several types of IP rights, including:

  • Copyrights — A copyright grants the owner the exclusive right to publish, print, reproduce, display, perform, license, film, display or record literary, musical or artistic content. I counsel clients on various copyright infringement and registration matters.
  • Trademarks — A trademark is a name, slogan, tagline or logo that is used to distinguish or identify a business from others in the marketplace. I have a thorough understanding of state and federal law, which I use to handle trademark infringement claims.
  • Trade secrets — A current or former employee who shares trade secrets puts the success of your business in jeopardy. My law firm helps negotiate nondisclosure and trade secret agreements for your protection.
  • Right of publicity — You have protection in many U.S. states for the right of publicity, which protects you against someone who tries to misappropriate your name, likeness, image or other indicia or personal identity for their commercial benefit.
  • Domain name disputes — Clashes over domain names have become more common. I represent clients in accordance with The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) procedures and the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act to protect trademarks and other proprietary rights.

As your IP attorney, Ryan will sit down and examine the details of your case to develop a thorough strategy designed to achieve the result you seek.

How is Intellectual Property enforced?

If you’ve legally protected your intellectual property and a person or business is using it without your permission, you can, and should, enforce your rights. Our law firm uses different methods to safeguard clients’ IP interests. A cease and desist letter is typically the first step, demanding that the infringer stop their unauthorized activity permanently. If the violation of your IP rights continues, you might opt to file a lawsuit. It’s important to understand that if you don’t take sufficient steps to protect your IP rights, you run the risk of losing them.

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